Frequently Asked Questions

So who are you?

Bring Us Home Books is a Minnesota company that has been in the book business for over several years. We have bought and sold in many subjects and from that have many happy customers who often contact us again and again. What sets us apart from books-for-cash stores, is that we come to you, pay you immediately and then do all the heavy lifting of removing the books.

So I don’t have to load all my books up and travel somewhere in the Twin Cities to sell them?

No. We travel to your location no matter where you are located. Depending on the value of the collection, we can fly anywhere in the United States.

I have a question about books. Is it ok to contact you with any questions?

Absolutely. As book lovers we are here to help as much as we can.

My company/organization/business/society would like to weed out some of our books but we cannot accept money. How can you help?

When this situation occurs we are happy to make a check to any charity or organization of your choosing.

How do I know if what I have is of interest to you?

We are interested in just about anything including Antiquarian, First Editions, Art, History, Theology, Western Americana, all hard sciences including Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Math etc. If you are not sure just give us a call at 612-432-7509.

My friend told me my old book is rare. Does this mean I should go on Antique Roadshow ?

There are a lot of books over the last 300 years that have survived and that are rare though a lot have no monetary value. Each book is unique and must be looked at individually.

My family bible is over 100 years old! Whats it worth?

A family bible is a priceless heirloom in terms of the association of different members of your family that have handled it throughout the years. The bible is the most printed book in history and numerous old copies have survived. Like most other books there are exceptions and instances when a family bible can have monetary value.

Do you own a brick and mortar storefront in the Twin Cities?

The short answer is no. We have found that since the titles and types of books that we specialize in are so rare, it is much more beneficial for us to sell directly to customers online.

What can I expect when you come to my home to buy books?

You can expect two professionals to come into your home with honesty and respect for the library owners. We will spend at most an hour assessing the condition and the volume of your collection. We will offer you a fair and honest price for the books. We will then start boxing up your books and take them that day. We are careful to be respectful of your home, to leave it in the same way we found it.

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Nick & Emily


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