About Us


Bring Us Home Books is an online used bookstore located just outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul area where you can sell your used books.

We are a husband/wife team and have been in business for several  years with many happy customers. The simplest way to explain our  business? We buy used books. We pay cash for quality books in many  fields.

We currently buy books in all fields including, Antiquarian, First  Editions, Sciences, Art, Theology, History and Military. We also buy  current college textbooks.

If you’re interested in selling a single book or book collection please contact us today


Where We Serve

We travel anywhere in or near the Twin Cities and other states depending on the collection. 

Selling A Book Collection

People sell book collections for different reasons. You may be considering selling yours for monetary reasons, needing the space or you may simply want to start a new collection. We often help when people are downsizing as well.

When preparing to sell your book collection, the following are general questions to help us learn about your books;

  1. A rough estimate of how many books you have and want to sell.
  2. What subject/genre are the books?
  3. What are the publishing dates?
  4. Are you ready to sell now? Or just entertaining the idea?
  5. If you have more than a few dozen books, which titles do you think are the high points in the collection?

For further information on evaluating your books click here.

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